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Transform your product into an experience

The IdeaCloud simulation software platform turns your technology into interactive, immersive experiences that starts conversations and closes deals.


From product interfaces and cloud applications to customer and employee interactions, IdeaCloud brings it to life.

The ForgeDX IdeaCloud Platform is the first product experience platform. By blending together interactions between cloud, mobile, and digital elements, IdeaCloud creates immersive simulations that simultaneously show customer interaction, backend user experience and business impact of a product. These interactive simulations powerfully showcase the impact of your technology to drive sales, win RFPs, define product roadmaps, or turn key audiences into product evangelists.

Within simulations, IdeaCloud’s patent-pending Trigger Service maps each moment of the experience to interactions that demonstrate specific points of impact. By adapting to any linear or non-linear sequence, Triggers can show end-to-end experience, highlight specific interactions, or map to specific customer needs and expectations.

Along with the Trigger Service, IdeaCloud’s Story Service, Mobile Service, and Interactive Service turn any product and technology into an immersive experience in just 4 weeks.


Empower every employee in every sales conversation.

As an enterprise software solution, each IdeaCloud simulation can be accessed by thousands of employees throughout an organization. IdeaCloud’s five Visualizers allow your employees to power simulations in any setting.



One creates a live simulation from a single display—perfect for in-person or virtual meetings.



Executive powers a live simulation across multiple displays, making it ideal for keynote presentations, large audiences and immersive demo environments.



Present allows field and sales teams to deliver a simulation in any customer meeting environment, and works best for situations where connectivity is limited.



Field provides a mobile-only option to present a live simulation using a single mobile device. This approach is tailor-made for field-based employees or sales reps.



Lead lets you convey a simulation in emails, websites, and other lead-gen medium where customers need to understand what your products can do for them.


Success stories.

ForgeDX is impacting how the biggest, most admired brands in the world are telling showing their products and getting traction. See what they’re doing and how you can, too.


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