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Who we are

At ForgeDX, our mission is to help businesses accelerate ideas, opportunities, and customer relationships by providing a way to experience the ideas and technologies that shape those relationships. As experts in digital transformation and experience design, we ensure businesses can translate their most powerful products into experiences that drive strategic growth.


How we operate

Innovative & Creative: With our anchor in technology trends and our background in experience design, we understand how to create experiences that drive business.

Agile & Authentic: We evolve faster than technology itself to exceed customer expectations and create enduring relationships that build both parties.

Active & Engaged: With a customer-first mentality, we turn ideas into action to create opportunities, amplify talent, and drive strategic growth.


What we’re doing


Talent Summit: Digital & Talent Transformation


In today’s experience-driven economy, companies are having to abandon product features to compete for customers based on experience. This evolution is at the heart of our company and products, and has spurred changes in leading companies; including some of our partners.

Our Founder & CEO sat down with Michele Dupre of Verizon Enterprise to discuss this shift and how it’s impacting companies and innovation, including:

  • Verizon’s focus is on driving conversation about digital transformation and the art of the possible. This is where all technology companies are going to stay relevant and competitive.

  • 5G is being introduced to drive real-time enterprise in industries from retail to healthcare.

  • Talent and talent acquisition is transforming to follow the needs of the experience-driven economy.

  • Diverse teams that drive innovation and high-performance are a must now more than ever. Talent has to be agile and creative to respond and thrive.

  • Teams are having to abandon the feature-focused mentality for one driven by experience.  


New Utah tech business accelerating innovations by simulating them


Last year, Netflix fo-founder Mitch Lowe told a Utah audience that the key to a successful business was finding and solving "transactional stresses."

Of course, most people are familiar with how efficiently Netflix eliminated the trip to the video store and further enhanced our collective viewing by innovating technology, driven by artificial intelligence, to guess what movies and shows we might like to watch next.

Identifying those transactional stresses and helping companies abolish them is at the heart of so-called customer experience companies, and Utah has a rising reputation for creating some of the best companies out there. Qualtrics, Podium, InMoment and other efforts born and built in the Beehive State have carved out impressive successes in this new tech-created realm.

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ForgeDX on the ShatterList

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As a start-up led by numerous power-house women, we understand the impact of gender diverse teams on profit and revenue. Our executive team (which is more than 50% female) has worked to embed the fundamental building blocks for inclusive cultures into every level of our organization and fiber of our DNA.

This year, we were honored to be included on the 2019 Shatter List—a recognition for companies actively working to break the glass ceiling for women in technology through impactful company programming and meaningful community investment. Our efforts to build high-performing, diverse teams have been critical to our growth and innovation, and will remain a core focus as we continue to grow.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship with the Fulbright Scholars


Beyond more visible measures like profit and revenue, any IP a company owns directly impacts valuation and access to capital. That type of growth and advantage requires great minds that can drive innovation, and a growing body of research shows those minds come from diverse teams.

This universal opportunity and challenge was our CEO & Founder’s focus when she spoke to this year’s Fulbright Scholars in Washington D.C. As these and other scholars and entrepreneurs around the world work to launch and build businesses in every imaginable industry, finding strong, diverse talent is critical to innovation and success. These scholars will change the world with their approaches and knowledge in world-wide communities, and will be invaluable assets to any teams they join.


Digital Transformation in Retail

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The retail market is a $2.6 trillion industry, and the National Retail Federation (NRF) is at the center of its trends and transformations. Every year, NRF previews the biggest innovations and advancements, hitting every aspect of retail from products like clothing, furniture, and children’s items to trends like augmented, virtual, and modified reality. All the biggest brands are there to show off what they’re doing to transform the retail space and win customers.

This year, leading companies at NRF used the ForgeDX IdeaCloud platform to bring the power of their technologies to life. These demonstrations showed how real-time enterprise is changing customer experiences in everything from activating location-based experiences to dynamic pricing and personalized marketing. Thanks to the ForgeDX IdeaCloud, retailers at NRF were able to experience these trends real time from the user, customer, and business perspectives simultaneously.


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